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Pregnancy Photoshoot

Preparation for Labour

"Marianne thank you so much for everything, my beautiful baby boy was born after spontaneous labour and under 3 hours in Holles Street. Neither the midwives nor I could believe how fast or how well it all went.  I was using the acupressure on the hands during labour and it really helped.  Ive been singing your praises to anyone who will listen and the midwives in Holles street in particular were asking what my secret was! I said you.  Thank you so much."

— Female, 32

Reiki Treatment

Facial Acupuncture

 I have had more than 10 sessions with Marianne of facial rejuvenation acupuncture. I was very impressed with the results, which were immediate and have lasted. I saw a complete reduction of wrinkles and a general improvement of the skin. Besides this, I felt an overall sense of relaxation and well-being and felt uplifted and balanced. Marianne’s gentle approach was very reassuring and she took away any anxiety I had about needles. I have experienced a lot of other acupuncture before and I was very happy with my sessions with Marianne. I am a reiki practitioner, so I have had a lot of experience with holistic treatments/alternative medicine/complementary therapies and can honestly say that Marianne stands out as one of the best in the business. I highly recommend a session with her.   

— Female, 35


My husband and I had been trying for a 2nd baby for nearly 9 months and although I got pregnant quite quick before, we expected the same again.  My initial consultation was very thorough and I found the sessions surprisingly relaxing! 2 sessions later and I was pregnant! My body had obviously needed a little extra help destressing and getting back on track. Marianne is so knowledgable in her profession and her empathy to our situation was so reassuring. I Would highly recommend the acuclinic to friends.

— Female, 33


Breech Baby

At 32 weeks I was told that my baby was in breech position and hopefully would turn but if not I would need a C-section.  I began to panic as this was not part of the birth plan that I had imagined.  By week 35 the baby was still breech and they advised I try Acupuncture.  Marianne was so reassuring and positive from the beginning.  We went through a full consultation and she did a Moxa treatment on me that was surprisingly relaxing.  She gave me moxa to bring home and by the fourth day I could feel the baby had moved, the midwifes checked me and sure enough the baby was in position.  I couldn’t have been happier and went to Marianne for pre labour treatments, which was followed by a natural birth to my beautiful baby girl.  I can’t thank Marianne enough for her support throughout.​​​

— Female, 31

Pregnant Belly


Myself and my husband had been trying for over a year to conceive. All the tests were clear and the doctors said we had ‘unexplained infertility’. He told us to keep trying and then maybe try IVF if I didn’t fall pregnant within 6 months. A colleague told me about Marianne and that she had great success with her. I hadn’t thought about Acupuncture and was a little dubious. However Marianne put me straight at ease, she went through a very thorough consultation and I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed the treatments. By the third session I was nearly falling asleep. Going for Acupuncture made me realise how stressed I had become especially around the time of ovulation. We worked through diet and lifestyle. Within two months I was pregnant, really I couldn’t believe it. Myself and my husband are overjoyed (if a little sleep deprived) with our beautiful baby girl, thanks Marianne, really I cant recommend you enough. 

— Female, 36

IVF Acupuncture

I have seen Marianne as part of two IVF cycles.  IVF is an emotionally and physically trying time and visits to Marianne offered a peaceful refuge through the process.  Although going through an anxious time, I always left our sessions feeling calm and relaxed. More than simply acupuncture, she offered support, positivity and a kind ear.  Her holistic knowledge of IVF and fertility health meant that she was always able to answer my many questions and being able to talk to someone about the medical, physical and emotional aspects of what was happening was invaluable.  I was a little nervous about acupuncture due to a negative experience in the past but soon came to enjoy it as Marianne is a gentle yet confident practitioner. Visiting Marianne was a very positive part of a difficult process. I believe that acupuncture played a role in our success! 

— Female, 35

Relaxing Massage

Neck Pain & Well Being

 I have been a client of Marianne’s for almost a year, and in that time she has helped me greatly with various health matters. I first went to her after I had pulled something in my neck and I was in a lot of pain. Her combination of acupuncture, cupping and massage offered immediate relief, and within a few weeks I had regained full movement in my neck.

Since then, I was diagnosed with a digestive problem and Marianne has been incredibly supportive. Through complimenting the ‘Western medicine’ treatment I am on with Chinese Medicine, I really feel like I am getting the best of both worlds. Marianne has given me a wealth of information regarding diet and has helped me to become more conscious of eating foods that suit my dietary needs.

I now regularly see Marianne, be it to ‘fix’ something or simply to maintain good health. In addition to helping me through times of physical pain, her treatments have supported me through stressful periods of work, and she has even given me the extra boost I needed to quit smoking!

— Female, 27



Morning Sickness

When I saw Marianne I was 4 months pregnant and had been sick for every single day of it. I was drained physically and emotionally. My consultant told me there was nothing really I could do and I was starting to lose all hope. However after only one session of acupuncture I could eat a full dinner the next day, I couldent believe it. Marianne gave me plaster tacks to leave on the acupuncture points and they worked a treat, it meant I could stimulate the points myself and get relief if I needed it. Finally I was in control of my life again. Marianne is a lovely therapist, she is caring, kind and professional, perfect for working with pregnant women.

— Female, 35

Engaged Couple

Labour Preparation 

First time Mum

Marianne I just had to email you to say thank you SO much for everything you did for me and my baby over the past two weeks, i’m convinced for sure that the Acupuncture sessions helped baby to drop and for contractions to begin and then for the labour to be as efficient a it was!

I was unbelievably happy to get the gentle birth I had wished for and I honestly cant thank you enough for everything you did to help me. 

— Female, 33


IVF Acupuncture

"I am a forty year old female, who suffers from ovarian cysts. My partner and I had been trying to get pregnant for 2 ½ years with no success. I started down the emotional IVF road in March of this year, I had previously been on clomid and had gone to an Acupuncturist  from November to January, with no success. When I had my first appointment with the Sims clinic in March, I asked for their recommendation for an Acupuncturist that supports the IVF journey, that is how I met Marianne.

From our first appointment Marianne took a holistic approach to my condition/struggle. She gave me a list of food restrictions to help with my condition, which have resulted in a 12lb weight loss, has improved my sleep patterns and generally has helped improve my overall well being. From the being it felt like I had gained a partner on this extremely emotional rollercoaster. The timetable with IVF fluctuates with your body’s response, Marianne made it clear that she would work her schedule to suits my needs, which may seem like a small thing, but is a load off your mind during a stressful time.

I am delighted/nervous to say that I am currently 6s weeks pregnant and have my viability scan next week, which I am hoping will show that everything is progressing according to plan. I believe that Marianne’s treatment was an important part in getting me to this stage and I hope that early next year I will be able to have her meet my miracle."

— Female, 34


Back Pain

I have Acupuncture with Marianne on a regular basis for the arthritis in my back, she really has done wonders with it. It no longer takes me 15mins to get myself out of bed in the morning. I like her combination of acupuncture and massage, I walk out of the clinic a new woman.

— Female, 75

Happy Woman

Stomach Ulcers

 " Marianne McCabe at the ACU health care centre in Sandycove my problem was Stomach Ulcers. The Acupuncture course I completed was of great help to me, and I would strongly recommend Marianne to anyone”

— Male, 65

Pregnant Woman in Underwear

Fertility & Pregnancy

 "I first attended acupuncture with Marianne looking for help with the physical symptoms of PCOS; I was getting really frustrated with regular bad skin breakouts in my 30’s and I suffered from constant tiredness. I was also planning on trying to get pregnant in a few months, so Marianne had an intensive look at the pattern of my monthly cycle and worked on points appropriate to that stage of the cycle. She also looked at certain nutrients that I might have been lacking in my diet or foods that aggravated the symptoms of PCOS and gave me advice on this. After a few months I definitely felt a difference in my energy levels and although my skin was slow to clear, it has improved.

The treatment then focused on boosting my chances of fertility. Marianne has a wealth of knowledge in this area and I learnt so much about the patterns of the monthly cycle. My periods were slightly irregular from PCOS so she worked on trying to regulate them. Again, specific points were targeted each week and Marianne gave advice on things to follow up on at home. 4 months later, I was pregnant!

Then the awful morning sickness began and I turned to Marianne for help again. She explained about the 3 main points worked on for this kind of sickness and after a treatment, she instructed me on how to apply pressure to these areas at home for relief from sickness. I had an appetite that night, for the first night in ages!

I continue to see Marianne during my pregnancy, more recently she is working on some restless sleep issues I’ve been having and I can be confident that if any other uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy occur that she has the expertise and knowledge to relieve them. I have found acupuncture an excellent, natural method of helping the body, especially at a time when medicine is not an option. The procedure itself is not painful and most times I have fallen asleep during the treatment. The physiotherapy clinic in Sandycove is a welcome haven and there is a great sense of calm in the place. I was recommended to Marianne by a friend and feel so lucky to have met her. She is highly qualified in her area and has been a great support to me."

— Female, 34

Woman Receiving Acupuncture


for IVF Transfer

I received two acupuncture treatments on the day of transfer from Marianne and found it definitely made a difference to my successful outcome.  She is positive, calm and a true support on the day.  I can’t recommend her enough.

— Female, 37

Mother and Baby

Labour Preparation

I was referred for Pregnancy Reflexology by my consultant to help prepare for labour. Marianne was fantastic , her touch was just right and I nearly fell asleep during the sessions. Before I was due for a medical induction I went to see Marianne who did a mixture of Reflexology and Acupressure. The combination was great and I had a natural birth two days later. 

— Female, 30

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