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10 Simple Strategies for Improving Sperm Quality

I was privileged to attend a post graduate training day last week with Jill Glover from the UK who has over 30 years experience in treating Male Infertility.  It is an area that is so often overlooked considering it effects 40% of men worldwide.

Below is a list from Jill of 10 ways to improve your sperm quality

  1. Improved nutrition, including a high intake of chicken, fish, fruit and vegetables, preferably organic, improves sperm morphology.  Conversely, high fat and salt ready-meals will deplete sperm count and concentration.

  2. Optimize weight to a BMI of between 20 and 25.  Both high and low BMI may cause poor sperm quality.

  3. Regular acupuncture treatment improves sperm count, morphology and motility.  It also supports good energy levels and a strong libido.

  4. Keeping the testicles cool improves sperm morphology.  This means no phones in pockets, no laptops on laps, and steer clear of saunas and hot tubs.  Acupuncture treatment reduces scrotal temperature.

  5. Taking a good quality preconception supplement for at least three months will improve both semen quality and general health.  Antioxidants Vit C, D and E plus Zinc and Selenium are especially effective in improving sperm.

  6. Cordyceps mushrooms not only improve sperm quality but also help physical endurance (talk to health care practitioner first).

  7. Stop smoking and all recreational drugs to improve sperm quality.  Stopping smoking increase sperm counts by 50-80%.  Cannabis use is associated with poor sperm morphology.

  8. Stop or reduce alcohol, especially before IVF as it can reduce success markedly.  Even as little as 5 units/week has an adverse affect of sperm quality.

  9. Get checked for chlamydia and any other low-level infections, as low-level infections reduce sperm quality.

  10. Check medicinal drugs are not contraindicated, as some cause sperm abnormalities or reduce sexual function.

If you have received a low sperm count result and are interested in trying to improve your parameters call the clinic in confidence to discuss how Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help, especially if you have been advised to have ICSI.  012140575 0879697413

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