Facial Rejuvenation

The Healthy Way to Look Younger . .

Facial Rejuvenation or Cosmetic acupuncture is another branch in the comprehensive Oriental Medicine
system, like Traditional Acupuncture it has been established for thousands of years. The technique was
used as far back as the Sung Dynasty (960AD-1270AD).

They knew that beauty is created from the inside out and that a healthy person will radiate beauty. Facial Rejuvenation works to balance the whole bodies Qi and Blood flow so that you not only look but feel
healthier and more youthful. This method reduces lines, wrinkles and restores the faces lustre without the
use of surgery.

Treatment involves…

  • Full Chinese medicine diagnoses
  • Observation: client will identify which particular areas of the face they would like to focus on
  • Face massage: with acu-pressure movement to relax the face
  • Gentle needle insertion: body points and then the facial points
  • Relaxation time with soft music and lighting
  • Gentle needle removal
  • Face and head massage
  • Dietary and lifestyle advise