Royal Jelly to Boost Fertility

Queen Bee







Royal jelly has been used for centuries for its health-giving and rejuvenating properties.  It is rich in amino acids, vitamin B12 and most importantly protein, it contains high levels of vitamin D and E as well as ample levels of Iron and Calcium.   In Chinese Medicine it is seen as an nutritive tonic that acts on your everyday and baseline Qi (energy) levels.

Royal Jelly is a food of infant bees and the sole food of the queen bee. It is made by nurse bees who chew pollen and mix it with secretions from glands in their head tops.   As this substance is fed to the queen bee, whose job is to produce more infant bees, this nutritive tonic might be considered the the bee equivalent to fertility drugs!!.  It helps the queen bee lay millions of eggs and live longer than the worker bee.

Royal Jelly is considered a strengthening supplement for the reproductive systems of both men and women.  Some studies have found it to increase libido (contains testosterone), support egg health and boost the immune system, thus increasing energy levels.

Royal jelly can be taken in capsule or liquid form.  As with all supplements it is important that you only buy good quality products from reputable suppliers, making sure there are no added chemicals or preservatives that may counteract the intention of boosting fertility.


Please note that Bee Pollen/Royal Jelly should not be taken by all.  If you have an allergy to honey or bee stings, it should be avoided.  Before taking the supplement you should consult with your health care provider.