Fatigue in Pregnancy







Fatigue and general tiredness are mainly experienced during the first and third trimester.  In the first trimester there are big demands on a womans body to cope with forming the placenta and hormonal changes.  Women describe this tiredness as ‘unlike any other tiredness’, it can feel both draining and debilitating.   The fatigue in the third trimester is a more obvious one, as women will be carrying extra weight, which is unevenly distributed throughout the body.   Sleeping can also be an issue with frequent trips to the bathroom and finding a comfortable position in the bed.

Acupuncture can make a real contribution to enhancing the mothers energy and strengthening her system.  It is very important that mothers listen to their bodies and make any necessary changes to lifestyle and diet.  All of which is covered in treatment and consultation. Each woman is different and there are many different reasons why women experience tiredness from a Chinese Medical perspective.  For some women meditation or an afternoon sleep will energize and for others movement such as swimming or yoga will improve their symptoms.  On the dietary side, eating little and often usually helps, avoiding stimulants such as coffee and sugars will balance the blood sugar levels to even out the energy highs and lows.

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