Dietary Advise for Constipation in Pregnancy


Difficulty in passing stool and infrequent bowel movements are quite often seen as a normal aspect of pregnancy. Constipation occurs due to the increased level of hormones (progesterone and oestrogen) that relax your intestinal muscles. Relaxing the intestinal muscles can slow down the movement of food and wastages through your systems, leading to constipation. Iron supplements can also cause constipation, if you are taking them it is important to increase you water intake.

Tips to Improve Constipation

  • Aim for 6-8 glasses of warm or room temperature water. The warmth will help soften the stool.
  • Increase intake of dried fruits; figs, prunes and raisins.
  • Include sunflower seeds, linseed and nuts  diet
  • A gentle half hour walk daily will help with the circulation in the body.