10 Tips for Festive Hangovers

  1. Wine, beer and cider are all full of sugar and yeast.  All of which are known to pile on the pounds and give you the worst hangovers.  Try swapping these for spirits but make sure you do not choose a sugary mixer.  The lowest calorie drink is a gin & slim line tonic, or try a vodka, soda water and lime and if you need a bit of sparkle then have some champagne as it has a fewer less calories than plain red or white.
  2. The day of the party be healthy and line your digestive tract with goodness.  Have porridge with cinnamon and flaxseed for breakfast with some hot water and lemon to stabilise blood sugar and control your appetite later.  For lunch opt for soup or a salad, whilst consuming at least 2 litres of water and maybe a late afternoon veggie smoothie to induce those extra dancing nutrients, killing the hunger pangs so you don’t have your first drink on an empty stomach.
  3. Build up your zinc levels by eating foods containing zinc to protect the liver and digestive tract against alcohol damage.  Try snacking on mixed seeds and nuts, include spinach in your salad or even nip down to the Christmas market and warm those bones with some hot chocolate (ask for the dark chocolate) or eat a piece of dark chocolate.
  4. Stay hydrated all day and all evening.  Try and be conscious about having a glass of water next to your tipple and sip water between drinks.  That hangover headache, believe it or not is a sign of dehydration so take a bottle to bed with you.
  5. Cut down or reduce your caffeine intake that day to prevent further dehydration.  Try swapping your regular tea or coffee with dandelion coffee as it nourishes and cleanses the liver.
  6. Have a pre-party snack before you leave the house like a banana or even try adding Kefir or natural yoghurt as the protein in the yoghurt slows down the stomach emptying whilst the potassium in the banana helps to balance any increase in salt that you may consume later.
  7. Eat smarter during the meal or if it’s a buffet opt for the healthier choices and fill up on them.  Try soup with no roll, say no to gravy and ask for extra vegetables or better still ask for the gluten free option with no wheat.  It’s still yummy and maybe some fruit for dessert of have dessert with no cream.
  8. Stick to the same drink all night and make it lighter in colour so don’t add fizzy mixers like coke, orange or lemonade as they contain chemicals that will make your hangover worse and harder for your body to detox.
  9. Do not eat eggs, bacon, sausages or tomato the morning after as these are put your liver under pressure than it already is.  I know this will sounds strange but the best food for the liver is slices of turkey and asparagus with some wheaten or soda bread as they don’t contain yeast.  The B vitamins will provide energy, whilst cleansing the digestive tract.  If you are struggling to face a cooked breakfast then make a smoothie with banana, kefir yoghurt, mixed seeds, coconut oil and coconut water to replace those lost electrolytes due to the diuretic effects of the alcohol.
  10. Last but not least go and buy some milk thistle, your festive friend! In addition to assisting the liver in dealing with excess alcohol, milk thistle also helps to improve digestion by stimulating the flow of bile.


Based on My Nutrition Pal